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Lead-acid batteries have been used for more than 100 years and their versatility, cycling ability and low cost still make them the best choice for power wheelchair and scooter applications today.

Two types of deep-cycle batteries are used in power chairs and scooters: AGM or Gel. Both are a good choice, but AGM has two distinct advantages — it lasts longer and is approved for air transport.

Power storage capacity for your battery is measured in amp hours (Ah). The storage capacity is like the gas tank on a car — the larger the tank, the farther the car can be driven. Similarly, the more battery capacity you have (Ah), the longer you can operate your power chair or scooter.

Most scooters and power chairs run off a 24v system, thus requiring two 12v batteries.  All prices listed to the right are for each battery.

Item  Description  Price


 U1 Standard Scooter Battery
 12v - 35AH 



 For Go-Go type scooters
 12v - 12AH



 Upgraded Go-Go type scooters
 12v - 18AH



 22NF for Large Scooters and Large
 Power chairs 12v - 55AH



 Stairlift Battery
 12v - 7.5AH


All Batteries listed above are in-stock.
Free installation when you bring your equipment to our store.
Appointment required
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